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Business owners know how important it is to build a website of your company so that your business has an online presence and can be easily found by potential customers. Did you think you will have lots of new customers just because you’ve done that? In reality, it’s not enough to just build a company website. The content is much more essential if you want your business to become really successful. 

You may think that you can cope with everything – plan your projects, research designs, meet deadlines and have other marketing responsibilities. However, time is something that limits your activities and the pressure starts to build over time.

Here’s the deal: why don’t you hire an expert writer for your website? The author will be responsible for its content and will help to bring your business to the next level? Here are the main reasons why your website needs a professional author.

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Why Does It Matter?

Let’s start at the very beginning. Who can perform the same task better – an amateur or a professional? Of course, a professional will be able to deliver better results and perform the task on the highest level. This is true for any industry and your website is not the exception.

If your business isn’t gaining any new customers or there are very few views of your company site, it’s time to change your point of view. Every business owner definitely wants their venture to bring profit and become successful, so hiring an expert author for writing the content of your website is an essential investment.

Did you know that the way people read print materials is different from the way they read online? Users tend to scan your website for necessary and interesting information. According to the recent study by Jakob Nielsen about online reading behavior, people usually have time to read at a maximum of 28% of the words, while the average amount is only 20%. Now you understand how important it is to have a professional writer who will generate strong and eye-catching content for your website.

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Specialists Know How to Write for the Web

You generally have no more than 10 seconds to grab and hold the attention of the prospective customers online, so it’s better to employ a professional writer. He or she will be accountable for making your content scannable and comprehensible. For instance, writers know the basic rules of “chunkifying” the content on smaller blocks that are easier to read and understand.

Each paragraph should consist of several sentences that aren’t too lengthy. The perfect standard is to have up to 20 words per sentence and up to five sentences per one paragraph. Otherwise, the text won’t be read by potential customers.

Also, the writers know about the necessity to use lists and bullet points to appeal to the users and make them stay on the page and read more. In general, only real specialists know the tricks of encouraging visitors to read the content until the end by keeping the data up-to-date, especially when dealing with social media and blogs.

Define the Tops Task of Your Users

Potential customers come to your company website with a certain task in mind. So you need to keep in mind their tasks and aims when you develop the content of your website. If your content doesn’t appeal to the users and doesn’t help them achieve their goals, they will leave.

Professional authors can perform a task analysis; conduct market research as well as other types of research in order to get a better understanding of what your prospective customers are looking to achieve. Only expert writers can define the most suitable content to feature on your landing pages and your blog as well as develop a logical structure to the content of each page.

Writer Can Optimize the Content for Search Engine

Do you know enough about meta tags, keywords, and link text? Another significant fact is that only a professional author knows how to optimize the content on your website for search engines in order to achieve a higher ranking. Writers have enough experience and know more about search engine optimization.

Optimize the Content
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For example, our team of specialists from SeoGene has vast experience with SEO marketing so many business owners turn to our professional help. Only engaging and relevant content can impress potential customers as they scroll through the web pages.

All in all, it’s really significant to hire a professional writer from an agency. An author who has web writing and SEO expertise will help to reinforce your expertise, make the exciting and strong content and bring your website project to the whole new level.

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