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Seogene is a top Digital Marketing Agency based in Ukraine. Our team of experts is fully committed to elevating our clients to new business heights. We know how to make the Internet a perfect tool for the development and growth of your business.

What we do

Niche Research

Niche Research

You need to make a great first impression when you enter a certain niche. Our online marketing agency will spend the time to research the niche in which you would like to launch your business so that we know what things need to be highlighted on your website to help it get noticed.
Niche Research

Growth Ideas

After analyzing the niche, our experts start gathering the useful ideas of what your perfect website should look like and the best strategies to promote it. Our goal is to understand the desired final product of the client and what we must do to deliver it effectively.
Niche Research


We plan every project's success and take into account the client’s needs and desires when it comes to visual elements, the color scheme of the website, typography, as well as other design elements. Planning is essential for your business growth.
Niche Research


Let’s turn your site into a powerful saling channels and update it in order to implement SEO techniques for increasing its online visibility. We create a stuning, effective content, make other websites link back to yours.
Niche Research

Tech Seo Audit

Our team of tech SEO professionals is ready to build great websites and promote them in order to help your business grow and become successful. Lots of small issues can prevent your website from ranking high.
Niche Research

UX Analysis

We take the time to create the best design for your website while keeping in mind both SEO and aesthetics. We aim to design your company website so that it compels your customers and increases your sales.

Why Choose Us

Our Values

Higher Ranking

10+ years experience in US, UK, Canada, Australia markets, professional approach, endless improvements and ongoing deep analysis help us to make website traffic grow.
Our Values

Custom Strategy

We use our previous successful cases, tools and methods to create a totally new, unique strategy that turns your website into a highly effective selling machine.
Our Values

Your SEO Team

No need to search for specialists and set up the team.We already have highly motivated enthusiasts who will make your website more profitable.

We don't say we are the best, we just do our work in the best possible way to make sure your business is growing.

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    Such a wonderful company that helped us turn our business dreams into a reality!
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    Awesome service, thanks for your great ideas and support during the whole process.
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    We are blessed to have found this helpful digital marketing company for our startup!
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    Seogene has taken our startup to the next level with its digital marketing strategy.
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    Your guys do the work on the highest level and make us happier day by day.
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    Thanks to this service we have overcome difficulties and built a successful company.


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